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Should I learn React och plain Javascript first?

One question that easily arises if you are a beginner is whether you should use a framework, Javascript library or learn vanilla Javascript (as it is called when you use only pure Javascript) first. This was a question I was thinking a lot about when trying to learn Javascript on my own.

After asking around and reading articles, my conclusion is: you should strive to learn the basics of Javascript first and then implement a framework or library for your knowledge bank. The reason is simple, if you are familiar with the basics of Javascript you will probably have easier to understand and use different frameworks and libraries, because you understand the basic concepts.

Also on, it is recommended that you first learn the basics of Javascript, before you start using React. Some, however, think that you can run directly on a framework, because then you can probably rely on complex code faster.

It’s also very useful to think of this as when you are trying to learn a normal language, for example Spanish. As soon as you get the basics down, you should use it in your interactions in order to improve. It’s exactly the same for programming languages, learn the basics then use it for you projects ASAP!

Published on December 02, 2019

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