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Important questions in basic UX

As a beginner developer there are questions you can ask yourself in order to improve User experience in your applications:

  • Can you navigate only with the keyboard?
  • Can you understand the message if you do not see colors or contrasts?
  • Do Screen readers work on the site?
  • Is there alt-text in the pictures?
  • Are the texts clear - in reasonable size and in an easy to read font?

The first step is to keep these questions in mind. The next step is to test and see if the site holds the dimensions. This can be done in slightly different ways.

You can test a lot yourself, for example navigating only with the keyboard, or reading the content on the page with a Screen reader.

In addition to this, there are also tools that can provide hints on what may need improvement. Some of them are: Wave, W3C Validation and a list of other tools: W3C tool list. You can also use Lighthouse in Chrome (via Chrome DevTools in inspector mode).

Published on December 07, 2019

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